As a globally leading provider of innovative solutions for the tobacco industry, Hauni has traditionally played a pioneering role in this sector. In doing so, Hauni takes a close look at all process components and analyzes how the use of digital technologies can greatly optimize production. One example of the smart use of digital technologies is paperless assembly. This solution does not just eliminate piles of paper; it also provides valuable input with regards to sustainability and increased efficiency. 

Part of the solution for paperless assembly is an ergonomically designed mobile workstation on rollers. Equipped with a computer, a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, and a powerful rechargeable battery, the workstation enables the assembly workers to directly access information in the workshop, instead of having to look through thick files containing handbooks, safety data sheets, and documentation, as used to be the case. Moreover, users can call up 3D images, note quality assurance measures, and determine the availability of components. A handy tablet is also included in the equipment. The trend toward linking data and processes is thus already reality in our assembly operations,” says Dr. Günter Schweitzer, Head of the Unit Secondary at Hauni.In this way, the  company’s digital advancement makes it possible to save time and resources during the production process for the highly complex machines. This directly benefits customers. The introduction of 3D smart documentation also permits the machine operators to access all of the information they need to handle, clean, and maintain the machines digitally. The integrated browser solution enables users to call up all of the relevant parts for a format change within seconds. Spare parts can also be ordered at the Hauni Web shop via a direct link from the 3D documentation. Another benefit is that Hauni and the customers are working with the same data models and 3D images. As a result, fast and flawless communication between both parties is guaranteed at all times.

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