Fabio Perini is rapidly forging ahead with its implementation of digitization and Industry 4.0. The latest product developed by the Tissue Specialists is a digital monitoring system with which customers can significantly improve the availability and effectiveness of their equipment.

The program combines three components that are closely related and interactively form the cornerstones for the establishment of a smart factory: smart machines, smart software applications, and smart services. These three components are based on the collection of large amounts of data at every moment of ongoing production.

Efficiency gain: Important characteristic data can be evaluated using “Tissue Data.”

The opportunities opened up by this information are revealed by another smart software application from Fabio Perini: “Tissue Data.” This new, innovative monitoring system makes it possible to save, analyze, and transmit large volumes of machine data from the production process of all state-of-the-art processing and packaging machines in the tissue sector. As an example, customers can use this information to further increase the availability of their machines. Technicians at the customers’ plants can use a touchscreen monitor to quickly and easily view all the information about an unplanned machine downtime, whether the technicians are sitting at a desktop computer in an office or using a mobile terminal directly on site at the production plant. But that’s not all — “Tissue Data” also enables the innovation leader’s customers to gain a detailed overview of their downtimes, rate of production, and rejects. In other words, tissue companies now have a tool that for the first time ever makes the most important key performance indicators of a production line transparent on a large scale. This enables the companies to perform tasks such as comparing planned production results with actual ones and finding out the causes of any deviations. However, according to Frasnetti, “Tissue Data” will develop its full potential only if the vision of Industry 4.0 becomes a reality. “The use of this information can elevate our customers’ production processes into a completely new dimension. We want to, and we will, support them as they take this leap.”

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