In line with the Pharma 4.0 concept, the Business Area Pharma Systems is pursuing a number of pioneering projects at differing levels in order to enable pharmaceutical companies to exploit the diverse opportunities offered by digitization and Industry 4.0.

The focus is currently on two topics in particular: innovative user guidance for shortening retooling times and networking industrial production systems. An example: Dividella, which specializes in innovative packaging systems, uses augmented reality (AR) in the form of the Hololens headmounted display for the retooling of its NeoTOP TopLoad cartoner. This mixed reality solution from Microsoft is part of a high-resolution display and integrated computer that customer employees wear on their heads. This data serves as the basis for texts or 3D images that are projected onto the Hololens in order to guide the customer’s employee step by step through the retooling process as soon as the worker stands in front of the machine in question. It thus almost completely eliminates the possibility of retooling errors. The employee always sees the required information in his or her field of vision at precisely the place where the associated retooling step has to be performed on the machine. Moreover, the solution from Dividella significantly reduces retooling times, which can greatly boost the customers’ productivity because of the trend toward ever-smaller production lots. The system also automatically handles the legally prescribed documentation process.

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