A new product line from the Business Area Machine Tools reduces the number of unplanned downtimes and optimizes maintenance processes. This results in a significant increase in productivity for customers.

Thanks to new digitization options, the optimization of the existing comprehensive lifecycle monitoring of machines at the Business Area Machine Tools has led to the creation of a product range called “Digital Solutions,” which was unveiled at the EMO trade fair in Hannover last year. “Digital Solutions” encompasses three individual solutions: Production Monitor, Remote Service, and Service Monitor. For example, the Production Monitor uses this information to create an overview of the current capabilities and productivity of a particular machine. Customers can view this data from anywhere and at any time - either on a stationary monitor or on a mobile device via an app. The Service Monitor helps to boost transparency in machine maintenance. This solution provides all of the necessary information about upcoming maintenance work — succinctly, reliably, and on time. This gives customers the opportunity to plan maintenance intervals and adapt them to the production process. “The third component of “Digital Solutions” is Remote Service, which also offers decisive benefits for the Business Area’s customers. This feature is an online service support that enables users to request services at the push of a button. Doing so also automatically transmits all of the relevant information about the machine’s status to the customer service center, enabling the service employees at the Business Area to immediately start looking for a solution without having to ask questions first.

Transparency: Mobile terminals offer customers detailed insight into the state of their machines.
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