The Business Area Logistics Systems is using technology created by a startup from southern Germany to design the restructuring of production halls faster, more efficiently, and thus more cost-effectively.

Following the visit, the Business Area Logistics Systems contacted the startup and the two partners launched a pilot solution a few months later. In this solution for what is called 3D engineering, a high-tech trolley equipped with cameras and laser scanners takes precise measurements of the customer’s production hall or warehouse. The solution offers customers numerous benefits, because 3D engineering enables building conversion projects, for example, to be planned and implemented much faster than before. It also allows customers to put their machines and facilities into operation faster and thus significantly shorten downtimes. “3D engineering is also much more precise than planning on the basis of handmade hall plans. It enables better advance detection and avoidance of collisions with existing machines or the building when a machine is installed,” says Roland Fuchs, CEO of the Körber manufacturing logistics specialist Langhammer.

High-precision order picking

Körber has recently begun to work closely together with another startup that is based in southern Germany. Since February 2018 the Group has been an investor in the company Magazino, which is located in Munich. Magazino’s product range also covers a logistics segment that is considered one of the most exciting of the entire sector: The use of perception-controlled robots for order picking. Magazino is represented in this market by a product called TORU. This order-picking robot for intralogistics is equipped with 3D cameras and sensors that enable it to drive digitally controlled through the warehouses of online vendors, for example, and pick the ordered items from the shelves. Once TORU has grabbed the item, which might be a paperback book or a shoebox, it puts the item into its integrated compartment and takes it along the shortest route to the shipping station, where the robot automatically deposits the item. This combination of unrestricted navigation and autonomous handling makes TORU unique on the pick-by-robot market.

“Pick-by-robot”: The TORUs from Magazino at work in a high-bay warehouse.
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