A cobot at Lti Motion’s production unit takes on monotonous or physically demanding work. The resulting increase in capacity ultimately benefits customers as well. 

The cobot has been used at this specialist automation company since January 2018. It is programmed in such a way that it can work together closely with human coworkers, from whom it can take over monotonous or physically strenuous tasks. The multi-motion robotic arm has performed very well in combination with the dispensing machine. While the cobot reliably feeds the machine with housings, the employees who previously carried out the monotonous “pick-andplace” task can now devote  themselves to more demanding jobs. Another advantage of the collaborative robot is that it can work night shifts without any human assistance. This increases production capacity further and can ensure the faster delivery of the devices during bottleneck situations or when order volumes are very high. In addition, the housings boast consistently high quality thanks to the precision with which the cobot carries out its work. This is another big benefit for customers.

All under control: the cobot at the dispensing machine at LTI Motion.
Simple control: Employees can also manually order the cobot to move at any time.
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