Unplanned machine downtimes costing a lot of money. Schaudt Mikrosa is now helping to prevent that. How? With a comprehensive condition monitoring for grinding machines.

If a machine is down, a company cannot earn any money with it. Simple as this statement may seem, for a long time it was difficult to prevent unforeseen machine downtime or to plan and initiate necessary maintenance work on time. It seemed self-evident that this is because technology does not inform anyone about its current or future condition. Today, however, machines can indeed provide information about where there are issues and which components will need maintenance in the near future. A prerequisite for this is a condition monitoring system like Schaudt Mikrosa’s Life Cycle Monitoring.

Clear diagnosis – quick solution

The maintenance intervals for the Kronos S 250 can also be planned in advance with the Life Cycle Monitoring system.

Life Cycle Monitoring uses software to enable transparent monitoring of the condition of machines and will unveil its strengths in the near future in the automotive and aviation industries, for example. The principle behind the system sounds quite simple. Whether a filter in a hydrostatics unit, a scraper on a guide track, or oil that needs to be changed, the integrated software notifies the customer appropriately, and the customer can use this notification to initiate the necessary repair or maintenance work. The software also documents, evaluates, and reports signs of wear and tear on components that are key for determining quality, such as axes or spindles. Thanks to condition monitoring, customers avoid sudden machine failures and have the opportunity to plan maintenance intervals in advance and integrate them into production processes.