We know that the future success of our company depends above all on having qualified junior employees. For this reason we offer school leavers within the German-speaking region the opportunity to join our company via a vocational training course in any of around 21 professions, as well as in one of a total of eight dual study courses. At international sites we invest in young employees through specialist training which is tailored to the respective regional requirements and conditions.

Vocational training

For us, training means primarily a process of personal development. During the course of the vocational training, trainees should become more independent, acquire specialist expertise and develop good interpersonal skills. In terms of specialist expertise, this also entails rotation through the company’s different specialist departments, followed by specialization, independently drawing up case studies as well as in-depth theoretical training in all of our companies.

Dual studies

In addition to vocational training programs, some of our companies also offer dual study courses. In this conjunction we cooperate with leading universities. As a rule, this form of study combines a modern bachelor course with valuable practical phases in the company.

Scholarships & periods spent abroad

It is essentially the case that our students and trainees may also complete internships abroad. In addition, talented young persons may be provided with scholarships to support them in additional constructive further training measures.