High-tech perception

With the software All-In-One and the helmet Weareable, Fabio Perini is creating the ideal prerequisites for the Tissue Production 4.0. All-In-One coordinates and monitors all of the steps during the production of tissue paper without any gaps. That reduces the number and the duration of interruptions in the production process. Weareable also provides the customer with a perfect view and remote assistance in real time.

All-In-One truly lives up to its name: It is software that coordinates all production steps and optimally adjusts existing individual machine capacities during the processing and packaging of tissue paper. To date, many work steps were performed manually during a product change. For example, whether switching from thin to thick tissue paper is completed successfully depends on how efficiently the adjustment processes between the system operator and the system attendant function and how well the corresponding specifications are implemented in practice on the machine, for example. The previous approach therefore had a considerable disadvantage: Changing products costs time. During this time, the system stood still. With the software All-In-One, in contrast, a single touch of a button is enough to automatically trigger a product change. The software system is centrally connected to all stations in the system and sends them information that calibrates them for the new product.

Targeted assistance

Weareable provides a perfect view of the situation, enabling remote support in real time

Customer proximity is paramount in the event of technical problems. If individual machines in the system break down or an entire system stops working, however, support by telephone is often too complicated and insufficient. This is where the Weareable helmet shows its strengths. What looks like a futuristic pilot helmet at first glance makes remote technical support for customers considerably easier. Weareable is equipped with a mobile display, a camera with a memory function, an audio function, and a data connection. As soon as a customer puts on the helmet and turns it on, it transmits a video image to the technician on the other end of the line in real time. Customers no longer need to describe their problems at length to Perini’s technical customer service; they can simply show them using the camera. But Weareable is not practical just because customers can simply put it on and take it wherever they want. The name of the helmet also means “We are able.” Specifically, that means the targeted assistance that customers receive through the headset makes it possible for them to solve problems on their own, wherever they are located.