A technology that can be used to automate vibration-supported drilling completely? Until now, that was technically impossible. Together, the Körber companies LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege have developed an innovative solution to change that. LeviSpin is the name of the magnetic bearing drill spindle that has advanced drilling technology considerably.

The name of the innovative drill spindle is derived from the words “to levitate” and “to spin.” LeviSpin’s key feature is the reduction in drilling chip size, which ensures increased productivity with improved drilling quality and lower costs.

Continuous chips have long been recognized as a nuisance in drilling technology. As early as the 1950s, experts at Bauman University in Moscow searched for a solution and championed vibration-supported drilling. The basic technical principle: In addition to the feed movement of the drill, axially superimposed vibrations are created in the direction of drilling. They break the drilling chip and thereby keep the size of the drilling chip as short as possible.

LeviSpin’s secret lies in its magnetic bearing technology. It makes it possible to reduce the operating temperature through reduced chip friction, which significantly improves drilling quality and the lifespan of the tools, especially during deep-hole drilling.

Holistic system

An innovative solution: the magnetic bearing drill spindle LeviSpin

LeviSpin is not merely an especially innovative individual component. The boring spindle is a holistic drilling system that has the potential to revolutionize production processes. The collaboration between LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege demonstrates what is possible when specialists use their expertise in a targeted manner and consistently prioritize customer benefits.

Praise for this joint work was not long in coming. The industry magazine “MM Maschinen Markt” awarded LeviSpin the renowned “MM Award 2016” in the category “Milling” during the International Exhibition for Metalworking AMB 2016 in Stuttgart.