News from the Business Areas


Fabio Perini and Langhammer showcase at the MIAC Fair

The yearly MIAC will be taking place in Lucca from October 16 to 18. This will be the 20th time that companies from the international paper industry have got together for this event. The companies Fabio Perini and Langhammer will be representing the Körber Group....more


Körber company Hauni donates computers to Hamburg schools

Trainees of the Hauni Maschinenbau AG reconditioned 75 old computers that were being replaced by the company, giving them a new lease of life at three Hamburg schools. ...more


Körber launches revamped Corporate Design

As part of its ongoing strategic development, the Körber Group introduced its revamped corporate design on September 16, 2013. The newly adapted design is intended to further underline the idea that the diverse companies within the Körber Group represent many different countries and industries but...more


Körber Schleifring and LTi showcase their know-how at the EMO Fair

The EMO Fair is being held from September 16 to 21, 2013 in Hanover. Attracting some 150,000 visitors, this is one of the world’s largest and most influential fairs for the machine tool industry. This year Körber Schleifring companies as well as the Körber company LTi are represented with their own...more


Körber AG reacquires Papersystems Group - Insolvency proceedings averted

Following constructive negotiations, all involved parties have now reached agreement that Körber AG will reacquire the shares in the Papersystems Holding as well as its companies E.C.H. Will, Kugler-Womako and Pemco from the group of investors headed by Orlando Management AG, subject to possible...more


Weimer Pharma GmbH is to be shut down - Körber AG is planning an orderly closure with social plan

Following a lengthy and intensive assessment of the situation, Körber AG, Hamburg, has announced that it is planning to shut down the Rastatt-based pharmaceuticals contract manufacturer Weimer Pharma GmbH in an orderly process. Consultations are now being conducted with the Works Council. Proper...more


Körber AG donates 100,000 euros to help victims of the 2013 floods

Körber AG will be immediately providing a total of 100,000 euros to help the victims of the 2013 floods. This sum will be allocated to four recipients who have faced exceptional challenges in dealing with the worst impacts of this year's flood disaster in Germany....more