Report of compliance violations


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1) Corruption
Breaches of corruption laws. For example, situations in which business partners, employees, managers, public officials or office holders are offered, promised or provided with personal, economic or other benefits in relation to a transaction and/or official acts, equivalent benefits are accepted or requested by such persons or such corrupt actions are carried out via third parties.

2) Competitive conduct
Breaches of antitrust laws or free competition. For example, price-fixing, market or customer allocation, bid-rigging, exchange of sensitive commercial information, resale price maintenance and abuse of a dominant market position.

3) Protecting corporate assets
Breaches of criminal laws for the protection of corporate assets, including intellectual property, against destruction, loss, damage or misuse. For example, theft, embezzlement, fraud and abuse of trust.

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Information on the Source / Anonymity / Contact Including your name and an e-mail address is voluntary and is not required for your compliance report to be processed. We do suggest the provision of an e-mail address, anonymous if desired, for the purpose of queries.

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